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ilo MultiCount pi ilo tenpo Pebble

ni li ilo pona pi ilo tenpo Pebble. kepeken ilo Multicount la sina ken nanpa e ijo mute.

lipu lili mute

Pebble are awesome smartwatches launched in 2012 with a truly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $10 M. They were the first smartwatches to get a commercial success of that importance.

Pebble are watches first: their screens use the e-paper technology so that the screen is always on and the watch have a one-week battery life. Sadly, the startup was bought by FitBit in December 2016 and they decided not to develop Pebble further. I had the chance of owning a Pebble Classic along with a Pebble Time Kickstarter Edition.

MultiCount sur ma Pebble Time

MultiCount is a simple app that allows you to create multiple counters and assign them names. You can count anything, from game scores to the amount of tea cups you drink a day. The app is translated into English, French and German. A user also proposed a Spanish translation.

Pebble App Store’s description:

Do you, sometimes, want or need to count things, but just can’t keep track of everything in your head?

MultiCount is what you need! It allows you to manage a list of counters, each with a custom name, to count anything you want, from the number of coffee you drink a week to the number of times you say “Hello” a day.

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