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Gilles Devillers

The Salon des Jeunes Inventeurs & Créateurs de Monts 2023 is currently happening!
If you are looking for information about my Ergonomic Keyboard, they are available here!

Hi, I’m Gilles, and I love computers and electronics. On this website, you can see several projects of mine.

By day, I am an embedded systems engineer, designing electronic boards and programming firmwares for products targeting both consumers and industries. I really enjoy IoT and low-power devices but am also very interested in more computer-centric projects like desktop and mobile applications.

I like low-level technologies, with fast, simple, optimized, clean and structured code. I enjoy finding the best possible solution to solve a problem and I like nicely thought-out ergonomics. I like to analyze, compare and use both state of the art and vintage technologies.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to use the little social buttons!

You can check out my resume if you are interested, although my LinkedIn profile may be more up to date.