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ilo sona jan “SimpleNotes” pi ilo toki Discord

sina ken sitelen e pali lon ilo toki Discord kepeken ilo sona jan ni.

lipu lili mute

During this Covid-19 lockdown time, we often play games remotely with friends. We have a Discord server for that and it works great! But we had no easy way to take notes of all the games that we played (to play them again later) or that we could play the next time.

Inspired by the Telegram bots I see on some of the big channels of which I’m a member, I decided to create a simple Discord bot to take notes and retrieve them later, thus “SimpleNotes” is born!

Here are all the commands available, aside from “!help”

It uses the nice Python wrapper. It’s right now self-hosted on a Raspberry Pi Zero and you can invite the bot to your server from its page (until it disappear?). Of course, the source is available under the MIT license !