Karabiner configuration

Karabiner is a software to modify keyboard keys’ behavior on macOS. Karabiner-Elements currently replaces it because macOS Sierra entirely broke Karabiner.
My personal rules for Karabiner-Elements 0.91.12 and later are available here! Move it to ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications.

Here are the current rules:

  • For TypeMatrix 2030 keyboard:
    • Change desktop key to escape: useful in Vim, using the right thumb.
    • Swap left option and left command: keep Apple’s layout for command and option keys.
  • For Apple keyboards:
    • Swap right options and right command: to have AltGr under the right thumb (useful when using the Bépo layout).

No need to make profiles, TypeMatrix’s rules are automatically enabled when a TypeMatrix is plugged in. Same thing for Apple keyboards.