X-Bows keyboard concept

The X-Bows is an ergonomic keyboard launched on Kickstarter the 12th of September 2017. It has a layout especially adapted to the wrists and fingers natural position.

X-Bows keyboard

It also has mechanical keys with RGB LED, and some keys were moved (backspace, delete, …) like on the TypeMatrix 2030 I used for more than a year.

The differences of the X-Bows keyboard

For my use, there are a few modifications I would like. It principally consists of removing keys: the function keys row and the right redundant keypad.
A small shape refinement would also be nice to enhance design and comfort: the case could follow the bottom keys’ curves.

X-Bows of my dreams!

And there you go, a small and perfectly symmetrical keyboard! Sorry for the images’ resolution, I got them from the Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the same mock-up, but with the Bépo keyboard layout adapted.

X-Bows of my dreams with Bépo